Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yap Days

Every year on the first Monday and Tuesday in March, Yap celebrates its culture with a colorful and very sensory display of BBQ, costume, dance, music, crafts, and culture. All the costumes, the ropes, the booths, even the restrooms are made or fashioned from local plants. Even the dyes used to color the costumes are produced from the flowers and plants.

Spear throwing -- perfect trajectory!


  1. So, was the girls Roxy T-shirt made from local plants too? Oh, and that's pretty awesome to be able to hit a coconut with a spear. :)

  2. Even more awesome is getting a picture of the spear on its way to the coconut!

    As for the Roxy T-Shirt, the T-shirts here are chosen for color and for price. They are usually second hand, are picked to match their lava-lavas and the English words mean nothing to them. Bob Marley T-shirts are popular, but no one seems to know who he is. Most popular are T-Shirts that have been part of a medical campaign... for Flu, HIV, Tuberculosis, Breast Cancer, and pretty much any disease you can think of. It's not because they are involved in any way, ... most have no idea that their T-shirt has anything to do with a disease... It's just because excess T-Shirts from conventions elsewhere end up in the Pacific Islands and sell cheap... and they are colorful. No one wears white T-Shirts...

  3. Hello dear Leigh and Winona! How have you been? I just found out this blog. This is awesome! I miss you guys =D Take care and I wish you the best! Love Maggie

  4. Ahh Maggie! We are so glad you found us!! Thanks for commenting. We hope all is well with you. Please stay in touch. Love Leigh and Winona.

  5. I love everything in here, the pics, the comments and your comments to the comments. Typically, Elder Sheppard! Hi Sister Sheppard. We miss you! Can I use the pics here in my class? Before you even think of it, YES, I will definitely give you credit when I show it in class.

  6. Hello Cheryl,

    How delightful to hear from you again. YES of course you can use the pictures. I'd also suggest you look through the "Slideshow" gadget near the top of the page... and see if there are any in there that you'd like to use. If you want the full resolution originals, just let me know and I can email them to you.

  7. some of your comments about the island is way too negative and seems like you are judging way too much of the way of living or lifestyle for that matter. i hope you take time to realize that you are on an island, it's anything similiar to the western parts you came from. i hope you know that you are in the service of your Lord and on his time...
    needless to say, "what would Jesus do, think, and say"?...about this island and its people...

    just "Live What You Preach" straight from the sciptures!!

  8. Please accept my apologies.

    We love everything about this island, (except I do have a hard time with the humidity... which is my fault, not the island's) I have attempted to paint a picture for my family and North American friends that they can identify with... none of whom have had the opportunity to live here.

    If you'll take the time to let me know the pieces you find offensive, I will be glad to remove, or re-word them. Believe me, no offense is meant to these wonderful people that we have become a part of.

    You can email me directly at if you prefer, to eliminate any concerns about anonymity.