Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Pics

Well, here it is mid-January and I still don't have all the Christmas pictures posted. So .. in no particular order... (I can never figure out what order the blogspot editor is going to post these things, but if it seems like these pictures are in the wrong order, just turn you screen upside down and look at them in a mirror... once you stand on your head, everything should look just fine... )

So here they are.. with sporatic comments here and there.

Man House

on the way to the Man House.

Christmas Dinner
(on Boxing Day - Christmas Day in North America)

Turtle, Fish and Coconut Milk

Getting ready for the Christmas Pageant
I love the halo!
...and I still can't figure out how the wings were attached.

Shepherds getting ready to watch their flocks!
(while the Sheppards were getting ready to watch the show...)

The audience waited partiently...
(as long as the suckers lasted)

Sister Pikula and some of the kids
(no snow to play in)


  1. cool pictures! :) so, what's the man house?

  2. It's a house...

    for men...

    Kinda like the clubhouses on North American golf courses used to be.