Friday, January 8, 2010

A Yapese Christmas

You may have noticed that we haven't posted to our blog in awhile. Well, I can't blame it on "last minute Christmas shopping", or the "crush" at the mall, or the traffic, or lack of parking, or decorating the tree, or the heavy snowfall, or any of the many customary christmas activities that can add to the stress of the season. Nope... not much of any of that going on this year... this is probably the least stressful Christmas we've ever had. Island living is beginning to grow on us. All I can say is that we have so much to write about that it seems a little overwhelming trying to describe it all. It has been a very different Christmas:

Conspicuously absent this year:
a tree
wrapped presents
Christmas Cards (a few arrived in January)
Santa Claus (he's talked about, and sung about, but we didn't see him)
shopping at the mall
Boxing Day sales

Showing up this year for the first time in our lives:
Spaghetti as the traditional Christmas dinner
Year-end raffles
Boxing Day at the beach
Boxing Day dip in the Ocean (not tough in the tropics)
Christmas Bazzars held in the stores!

and showing up as usual:
Christmas Carolers (us!)
Well wishes from everyone.
Christmas Pageants and Nativity scenes by the kids... (we'll post some pictures later)
A wonderful Christmas Spirit

I will start with a few pictures. I don't have a lot of time to write comments about each of them this morning, so I will post the pictures and add comments as time and inspiration allow. Check back every day or two, and I will try to add more detail, and perhaps more pictures to this post as I am able.

Its amazing what a turtle shell will do to make you look thinner!

BTW, it tasted like chicken!

Can't imagine a more tranquil place to have Christmas dinner.

This little girl (Abby) was trying to convince me to sit down in the water.


  1. you DO look skinny! holy cow! that turtle diet is doing you wonders! :)

  2. It sounds like a wonderful Christmas. You're sure going to miss that when you get back. I still miss my Christmas in Japan and that was years ago. I would love to have another Christmas like that again. Maybe one day I can.

  3. Loved the story about the crabs, and did Winona get to taste that roasted banana? Great pictures too!