Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Anniversary in Paradise

32 years ago today Winona and I got married on a sunny day in Cardston Alberta. It was 40 below zero! Today we are celebrating our anniversary on a Tropical Island. It is 130 degrees warmer than it was on our wedding day.

To celebrate, I booked us a room at the coolest hotel you've ever seen. We'll post some of our own pictures of it when we get a chance, but for now, take a look at their website:


We feel like the Swiss Family Robinson.

And just as importantly... a very Happy Birthday to Janaya who was born on our first Anniversary! Interesting thing is that this is the first time that her Birthday is starting just as our Anniversary is ending. (International Date Line thing!).

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  1. hello to both of you,

    here we are at FHE and enjoying trying to be creative in writing a message. It's a bit hard to cncentrate because everyone is talking and YAK king and stuff.

    Yesterday was ward conference. I was reported that we have 5 missionaries from our ward. It's neat that 3 of them are from our FHE group.

    We are suffering the hottest February in recorded history. What a bummer for the Olympics and not great for selling winter clothes but in other ways it's great.

    Hal & Joanne