Thursday, December 17, 2009

Headline News from Yap

Banana Fright

Dec 17, 2009 (YAP) A local missionary couple was frightened by a massive SMOOOOSh sound outside their apartment windows late last night. Arming themselves with a fly swatter and nail clippers (the only weapons of any consequence that they have in their possession) they proceeded gingerly onto their back porch to investigate, only to find that they had been blessed with a load of fresh bananas delivered right onto their doorstep courtesy of mother nature. The couple seems to have recovered from the incident quickly as their apartment is now filled with the aroma of fresh made banana bread! Elder Sheppard has refused comment as he continues to digest the evidence.

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  1. Hey guys!! Your pictures and comments are fabulous. You should be able to publish this when you get home and it will become a national best seller. I read your comments to Carolyn and we enjoy them and get a chuckle or a downright belly laugh from them. It seems so weird that you are so far removed from the life that we are all living here - rain, snow, cold, hectic, crazy busy, shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, decorating etc. Thanks for the address - am sending off a Christmas card which may get to you for Easter. Love you lots, Ruth