Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I need to make it clear that we have only been here a little over a week so we are not yet acclimatized.... but we are starting to have fun with the heat and humidity. To give you an idea...the humidity makes it such that steam forms on the outside of our apartment windows, and our car windows. We tried to drive around town a little tonight, but had to keep the windshield wipers on. No, it wasn't raining, but the steam was forming so fast on the outside of the windshield that we couldn't see unless we kept the wipers going. If we put something from the fridge onto the counter, it is quickly covered in condensation which soon forms a pool of water on and around the object... often drenching any papers, books, or cloths we may have left nearby. I get a kick out of watching steam rise from my fingertips as I drink from a bottle of water straight from the fridge. Butter is kept in the fridge but becomes spreadable in a matter of a seconds once removed from the fridge.

Last night, the bed spread was so damp that we put it in the dryer prior to going to bed. During the time it was in the dryer, the sheets started getting damp.

I sweat all the time.. It was bad enough back home... now, I am just a gushing fountain. I am certain that I drink close to 4 quarts of water a day just to replenish what I lose through my pores. If you covered me with grass seed, I'm sure I'd become the world's first living Chia Pet. I cut up one of my T-shirts into rags and carry a piece around on my shoulder wherever I go. It sounds totally gross, so I apologize, but otherwise I drip everywhere. Winona kicked me out of the room the other day, because she was trying to sweep the floor, and I was getting the floor wet! I have to position myself carefully so I don't drip on the books I am reading, the food I am cooking, the dishes I am washing, (Ok... so I don't do the dishes... but if I did...)

I made the mistake of making myself a hot Neo-Citran one night before going to bed. (For my US friends, Neo-Citran is a hot lemon flavored cold medicine only available in Canada... ha!ha! Susan... you missed one!) With a hot drink in me, I quickly discovered sweat was gushing out of the top of my head, and dripping down my face and off the end of my nose and chin. It was flowing off my eyebrows and into my eyes, so I could no longer see. It was an incredible experience... totally gross for those watching I am sure.. (and you reading), but quite fascinating for me!

Well, enough on humidity... next time we'll talk about lizards!


  1. burton and i both got a kick out of this post. hilarious. you're going to come home so skinny! :) it's like you're spending all day in a sauna, with your clothes on.

  2. and you SHOULD do dishes. for the record. :P

  3. You are so funny. I am enjoying reading about your adventures. Keep the posts coming!

  4. suddenly I feel like I need to go grab a towel and dry off!!!...I hope you get used to the climate soon :)

  5. getting use to the climate is just getting use to being wet all the time. At least you don't have to worry about being cold for a few more months. One day before you come home, the temp will drop to 20C and you'll turn off the aircon and wrap yourselves up in the biggest blanket that you brought with you. You'll sit in your car with the heater on. And some greenie will come by and laugh at you for being cold.