Friday, November 27, 2009


I have been sending dozens of email messages and getting no replies. It would appear that many/most/all of our messages are showing up as SPAM... please be sure to check you junk mail folders... I will be resending some of the lost emails from a secure server to see if that makes a difference, but I suspect that my email provider simply has this part of the world flagged as a suspicious source.


  1. Great to read your comments! We've been in Cardston this week and just got back to Orem last night. I have not been able to see my email since last Monday (November 23, 2009), so I can't say if your emails have come through. (I'll be able to see them tomorrow at my office.)

    Sounds like things are great there. Stay humble.

  2. I will try this one more time, I keep trying to send you a comment but it doesn't work for some reason. We are enjoying all the blogs...keep them is the highlight of my week. (ok.I don't have a life..what can I say!) Actually its cuz we love you both tons. Hope you are doing well in the humidity. Love ya, Susan

  3. By the have always been a suspicious source! Winona is a different story..maybe she should try sending the emails..hehe