Saturday, November 14, 2009


We've had a fantastic time these past two weeks. Winona and I are still here until Tuesday morning... while nearly everyone else in the picture below has already headed off to their specific assignments throughout the world. Some are simply travelling a few miles up the road, while others are on their way to Burma, Mongolia, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Dominican Republic, Guyana, South Africa, Kenya, Japan, Hawaii, Switzerland, Puerto Rico... oh, and Yap! It amazing how much of the world just this week's group of Senior Couples is covering. We've said goodbye to so many, and the chances of seeing very many of these couples again is pretty slim. This is the "hard part" of all this.

The sadness is offset somewhat by the anticipation of our own departure on Tuesday. We fly to Hawaii first. We have arranged a car rental and will meet up with Patti Hartford (a good friend living in Hawaii). She has arranged tickets to the Polynesian Cultural Center on Tuesday night for us. We then fly out Wednesday afternoon, arriving in Guam on Thursday evening! (That International Date Line thing!!) So does that mean we'll be a day younger than the local residents or will we be a day older than we actually are?

We'll be able to let you know what today is going to be like before it happens! Hey cool... I just realized that Christmas this year will come a day earlier for us! Be sure and get those packages to the Post Office early!


  1. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Mom and I are just reading this and saying how strange it is that you are going to be so far away. I was introduced to a "Tim Tam Slam" tonight. I hear that I have you to thank for my new addiction.

    Do you think you'll be able to get Tim Tam's in Yap? Or are you stocked? Hmmm, let me know, we'll see how well they ship.

    Love to you both, Coral and Ruth