Saturday, November 7, 2009

Guam or Bust

Wow… our first week at the Mission Training Center (MTC) is already done! It has been a full week… in more ways than one! Full, fun and fattening! If we don’t get to Guam soon we just may bust! We have one more week of training in our special assignment with the Church Education System before we take our flight to Guam.

It has been wonderful to be here, surrounded by younger missionaries from all around the world going to places all over the world. The hallways are a buzz of many languages as the missionaries practice their new linguistic skills. Our mission is an English speaking mission, however, each of the islands has its own language and those having spent time there say many locals do not speak English very well. So we will try to tie our tongues around the local language when we get there… it should be fun.


  1. You think you eat well in the MTC, just wait till you get to Yap, and get your first Micronesian feast... makes me envy you a lot

  2. Go Elder and Sister Sheppard. We love you.

    John and Susie