Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Flight to Guam

With our flight being delayed for two hours, we ended up arriving in Guam at about 10PM... which was 4:00 AM for our Utah adjusted biological clock! Our mind was a little fuzzy by the time we got picked up by the Mission President and his wife and a very energetic group of Senior missionaries who seemed so excited to greet us. Most of it was a blurr to us as jet lag was definitely having its effect by this point in our journey.

As we ventured outside the airport, the humidity and heat hit us. There was a pretty hefty wind blowing which helped temper the heat a bit, but this was reminiscent of our week in Branson, Missouri. My glasses quickly fogged over (much like my mind had!) and I was led by the hand to the waiting car. Luckily, we were transported to the Mission President's home and were quickly escorted to our air-conditioned bedroom. We took some gravol to help reduce the buzz in our heads and induce some much needed sl... zzzzzzz

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