Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SLC Airport

We are sitting in Salt Lake City airport waiting for our boarding announcement. Since they have a very efficient check-in and security system in SLC we got through security much quicker than we expected -- so our departure is still an hour away

We were up at 6AM in order to get our final packing done, weigh our luggage, clean our room, get some breakfast and say our goodbyes. We were accompanied by two young Sister Missionaries from Pakistan who pretty much adopted us, and by a couple from England who we just fell in love with. What a great time it has been. The English couple leave for Trinidad on Friday, and the Pakistan girls are at the Mission Training Center learning English until Jan 6. It was an emotional departure!

We will be arriving in Hawaii at 3:30 PM and will be spending 24 hours there. We have rented a car and will meet up with Patti Hartford (friend from Nanaimo) who has picked up tickets to the Polynesian Cultural Center for us. We fall back three hours getting to Hawaii, (it will be 6:30 Mountain Time when we arrive), so our evening activities in Hawaii will likely keep us up well past our normal bedtime. However... it will simply ease us into our inevitable jet-lag by the time we get to Guam which is pretty much a half-day switch from our normal schedule.

I need a nap. :-)

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  1. reality hit this morning when i got your VM saying you were on your way to hawaii! :) i already miss you guys and it's not even christmas yet. haha. love you. travel safe.